Bespoke, Tailored and Customised Training Solutions & In House Training

DPSS has over 25 years’ experience in the design, development and delivery of a wide range of In house Training & Bespoke Training Solutions. Through our long experience of dealing with the design delivery and evaluation of bespoke, tailored and customised training solutions and events for a wide range of public, social and private sector clients we have developed a wide range of innovative training solutions. We have experience in many specific sectors, including oil and gas, energy, engineering, aerospace, construction, FM, heath, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and many more. We ensure that all these solutions are kept up to date and are completely appropriate to the subject area.

The benefits of in house tailored speak for themselves. Bespoke training has the advantage of being directly linked to the participant’s organisational context, priorities, issues and challenges. The course development process involves the trainer gaining an insight to the key issues and challenges and this is reflected in the course materials, case studies and exercises We always make a point of developing case studies that the participants can relate to, this is key when trying to engage with participants.

Bespoke courses have always represented excellent value for money in comparison with attendance at open courses, providing there are sufficient numbers.

For example the cost of attending a one day open course, including travel cost, time, hotel and meals can be over £700 per participant per day. Therefore to train a team of 10 people for one day could cost in excess of £7000.


Confirming the Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Meetings and Focus Group events with key stakeholders

Development of Course Materials, Case Studies, Tasks

Presentation & validation of course materials and Learning Strategy

Roll out main programme

Course Evaluation and Feedback

Recent examples include:

Between them, these courses cover topics such as:

  • Lifecycle cost issues
  • Payback calculations
  • Compatibility issues
  • Cost-based savings for capital expenditure items
  • Effective specification development process
  • Types of specifications and team approach
  • Use of performance specification, ESI, ECI concepts
  • Fit for purpose and conformance to requirements
  • Supply chain management
  • Supplier relationship management and scoring
  • Ethical supply chain issues, code of conduct and impact upon total costs and to supplier and customer relationships
  • Risk and reward analysis
  • Contractual issues in procurement
  • Tender process management
  • Procurement and supply chain integrity in a post-merger post-acquisition context
  • Procurement in a turnaround context
  • Creating RFP, RFQ and ITT
  • Call-off contracts, negotiated procurement, strategic partnerships, outsourcing, global sourcing
  • E-procurement systems and reverse auctions

Pick and Mix Options

We have developed for our bespoke courses a “pick & mix” approach, whereby each unit of learning is a self-contained and discrete session, with a fixed start and end time.