About Us

Our raison d’être is the Development of the People Serving the Supply Chain, which includes contract and commercial management, procurement, FM and logistics

For over 25 years DPSS Consultants have been offering effective contract management, procurement and supply chain training and consultancy services.
We can provide a totally integrated service from competency development and training needs analysis to bespoke training and development solutions. As providers of this specialist resource, we have an international reputation for quality, professionalism and innovation. We have experience with large and small training projects in the UK, USA, Far East, Europe, the Gulf and South America, both bespoke and open courses.

Relationship with our clients

Our relationship with all our clients and business partners like IACCM and CIPS, has always been based upon the concept of true partnership. This enables us to work together to provide consultancy and training which is the most appropriate for both the organisation and the staff.

Training programmes

Our training programmes are resourced by a network of highly qualified, experienced associate consultants. Most are well-known authors in their field and have years of practical experience working. All of our consultants are accredited by CIPS, IACCM and ISO. The emphasis is always on providing a clear and measurable added value to the organisation and the individual. Our program of courses includes in-house bespoke courses, CIPS and IACCM qualifications and our wide range of open and public short courses.

Unique money back guarantee

I am so confident in our ability to deliver quality courses that each of them comes with my personal money back guarantee*

Dr Ray Carter MA, MICPS, MCIM, FNALP, Cert Ed, UK Licenced Paralegal
Creator of the 10 c model and author of Practical Contract Management, Stores Management and Practical Procurement
DPSS Consultants

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