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A Simple Guide To The Commissioning Process

A Simple Guide To The Commissioning Process Commissioning doesn’t need to be a complicated process, but it does need to be one you understand in order for things to be smooth-running. To understand what we mean by commissioning it is importa...

TAQA to invest 1bn dollars to buy oil and gas assets in UK North Sea

TAQA to invest $1bn to buy oil and gas assets in UK North Sea Abu Dhabi's National Energy Company PJSc [TAQA] are to invest in excess of $1bn to acquire oil and gas properties in the UK North Sea region from BP. TAQA has agreed to the acquisit...

Public Sector Commissioning

Public Sector Commissioning According to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) the public sector spends over £220bn on the purchase of goods and services from the private and third sector. This equates to approximately 15% of GDP during the fina...

NHS Commissioning

NHS Commissioning Commissioning in the NHS The new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) will have the freedom to decide how to carry out their commissioning functions and what support mechanisms they use to help them. This new found freedo...

Practical Contract Management

DPSS are making a new chapter of Practical Contract Management available for download on a fortnightly basis.

Practical Contract Management


Chapter 4 - Tendering Methodologies