BTEC Contract Management Advanced Award Level 3 – Why Choose BTEC?

BTEC Contract Management
Advanced Award level 3

We choose Bespoke Qualifications because it enables DPSS to design flexible and customised qualifications for those in procurement, contracting and supply chain management. These qualifications can support access to education and employment, lifelong learning or the requirements of particular clients. The benefits of this approach are:

• Flexibility, coherence and relevance
• Certification of small blocks of learning
• The opportunity to customize a qualification for a particular employment or industry need
• Potential for links to existing BTEC programmes or other programmes recognized by an organisation or centre
• Providing knowledge, skills
• Progression to either a higher level qualification or to an extended programme of study at the same level, for example IACCM Associate or Practitioner Awards.

As we are an Edexcel and BTEC approved training provider and we are able to offer the Advanced Award Level 3 Qualification in Contract Management. We have been delivering this highly successful qualification since May 2005
The BTEC Contract Management Course has 5 Units of Study which cover all the main elements of managing contracts

Introduction to Contract Management
Contracting Process
Types of Contracts and Contracting Strategy
Managing Contractual Relationships
Measuring and Improving Contract Performance

The BTEC Contract Management course covers a wide range of topics related to the effective management of all types of contracts including contract management defined, traditional v new age models, contract management, contracting cycle, contracting process, administration v contract management, critical success factors, stakeholder analysis, contracting team development, developing a contracting strategy, risk and reward concepts, types of Contracts – call-offs, supply chain agreements, lump sum, unit price and incentive contracts, EPC and PMC Contracts, service contracts, contractor pre-qualification and evaluation, bid analysis, VFM, TCO concepts, relationships with contractors – types of relationships, driving forces, link between type of contract and style of relationship, contractor motivational issues, disputes – and conflict resolution, contractual claims and variations, contract performance measurement – KPI, benchmarking, cost controls, validity of savings, Balanced Score Cards, contract negotiations, contract terms and conditions, contractor Improvement programmes.

Assessment Process.
The assessment methodology is comprised of two distinct elements. This will enable all participants to demonstrate competence, given that individuals are able to express competency in a variety of ways. The assessment will therefore be made up of two parts. Once the participant assessment process has been completed, it will be submitted to BTEC for validation and successful participants will be awarded the BTEC Advance Award in Contract Management (NVQ Level 3) qualification

Part A – A series of problem based case studies, role plays, simulation and tasks, design to enable participants to demonstrate their ability to analyse contracting situations/problems and to demonstrate their competence by being able to apply the tools, techniques and processes and to recommend an appropriate and professional solution. These exercises are undertaken in the classroom and submitted for assessment daily.

Part B – will consist of 20 question test, designed to enable the participants to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and understanding of the key concepts.

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