Can fertilizer help “grow” Yorkshire’s economy?

We read with interest about the 2bn investment in Yorkshire which is currently in the pipeline.  Could “potash” be the salvation/solution for 1000’s of new jobs in the fertilizer industry? The creation of subsidiary industries will be a welcome part of the project as well.  Thorough and robust contract management training will be essential on a very large scale.  Procurement and Supply Chain Management training will also be required to manage costs effectively.  With the creation of new jobs comes with new wealth and more spending power.  More spending power encourages new business’s into the area such as retail for example.  Is this a win-win situation?

The project plan is to mine under the North York Moors National Park and create a long service tunnel that will link the mines to the processing centre over 23 miles away.  Fertilizer is a much needed resource and will have a massive impact on our export economy.  Third world countries with increasing populations are especially reliant on agriculture.  The use of the polyhalite based fertilizer is reported to increase crop yields by up to 20%.  This can make a critical difference when feeding 1000’s people.

The export revenue alone from this will mean the government will benefit by over 1bn a year.  Not to mention the employer national insurance contributions from the 1000’s new jobs that will be created.  The hard part may be finding enough employees to fill the posts being generated.  However, the prospect of a higher standard of living will be a good incentive.

The health and safety industry will also benefit enormously and this is always at the forefront of these types of projects.  We are fortunate to be in a country where we regulate as much as possible to reduce the risks of accidents and health issues.  We will follow this ongoing story with interest.


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