Contract Management Professional Standards

UK central government currently spends billions each year procuring a wide range of goods and services.
The effectiveness of the services the government provides can have a major impact on the prosperity and security of the whole of the UK.

Professional Standards
To assist public sector organisations bench mark and develop those who manage contracts, the UK government (working with professional bodies like IACCM) has created a set of Contract Management Professional Standards.

These standards are at three distinct levels:
• Foundation
• Practitioner
• Expert

The Standards are framed around the Business Acumen, Relationship, Capability and Technical Expertise

The Standards set out the capabilities expected of government professionals who are involved in the management of contracts.

The Standards are designed to assist public sector organisations reflect upon the team’s capabilities and development needs. Public sector organisations will be able to use these standards identify training needs or technical areas of interest. These standards reflect the cross functional nature of contract management and the need to improve our performance in terms of contract management across the public sector.

As a specialist training organisation in the field of contract and commercial management, we fully support this initiative and see it as a major step forward for the profession.

Bespoke and Tailored Training
We have over 30 years’ experience working with public sector organisations offering both inhouse bespoke and public open courses These are designed to provide the training and development resources that maybe need by those who manage public sector contracts, the include:

IACCM Fundamentals and Practitioner level courses as well as accredited mini MBA’s in contract management and procurement

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