E Procurement Services

DPSS has the capability to offer a series of technology based procurement tools and techniques, based upon well tried and tested software. This enables us to support the Procurement team and to provide a flexible resource on a fixed price demand pull basis. Organisations can choose the level of support their require from a fully managed process to just access to the system and the software

Our system is a browser based application that gives procurement total control over the complete e-sourcing cycle. From the decision to purchase, through to managing suppliers and the awarded contracts DPSS will deliver excellence in procurement.

The Services

E Tendering – from simple quotes to full Tenders the e-tendering module gives control and visibility to the purchasing process. Clarifications are easily dealt with ensuring that every tenderer receives the information. Electronic documents with score sheets can be created to facilitate the evaluation of large number of returns during the tendering process.

E Contract Management – fully integrated with e-tendering the contract management module provides the contract register with no limit to the amount of information recorded. Access to contract information including documents can be controlled and where this is relevant published to the pubic area of the web site facilitating request made under the Freedom of Information Act. Included in the module is KPI functionality to allow contract managers to measure the contracted supplier performance against the agreed service levels. Warning flags can be set when performance drops below the agreed service level.

E Auctions– gives procurement the opportunity to set up an auction at the end of the tendering process to allow selected suppliers to bid for the goods or services helping to further reduce costs and achieve value for money. The module manages auctions with multiple items and can include non price criteria during the bidding process

E Supplier Management suppliers maintain there own information and the system will prompt suppliers and procurement managers when supplier documentation is going out of date. Suppliers can then upload for example their latest accounts and insurance documentation from their secure area of the web portal. Warning flags automatically appear against a supplier record when a document goes out of date and user defined workflows can be created to monitor supplier documentation once it has been uploaded. When a supplier record is changed the system takes a snapshot of the data for auditing purposes. Supplier Management functionality is part of the tendering and contract management modules.

E Report Writer – User friendly wizard; simply select from a list of database fields and then select which fields you want to filter to create and store your own reports for future use and interrogation.

As well as saving money and time, dpss ensures compliance with the essential elements listed in the Government’s e-sourcing guidelines for public sector procurement, including: Privacy, Authenticity, Integrity and Non-repudiation.