Example of Modules

CIPS Level 4 Procurement & Supply

This qualification is the normal entry level for graduates or for those with substantial procurement experience.

Many people, who have previous, business experience or qualifications, commence their CIPS studies with this qualification.

The aims of the course are to provide insight into best practice, develop decision making skills and provide a broad-based education in business relating to the profession.

The Diploma consists of five modules which are examinable at various times of the year.

This qualification is seen as a valuable management tool for those moving into junior and middle management procurement roles or those supervising the procurement function.

It focuses on how organisational procedures and processes perform in procurement and supply, including negotiating, planning, risk management and data analysis.

This is a level 4 Diploma qualification consisting of five units:

  • Contexts of Procurement and Supply
    Be able to offer advice to main stakeholders on the application of the sourcing and procurement process, and also understand the supply chain in which the organisation operates.
  • Business Needs in Procurement and Supply
    Understand practices that will help achieve value for money solutions in procurement, including exploring options available for securing supply chain objectives.
  • Sourcing in Procurement and Supply
    By applying a range of tools and techniques, this unit helps students to assess sourcing options available to organisations, and make the right choices when procuring goods, service or works from external suppliers.
  • Negotiating and Contracting
    Assists identify approaches to achieve negotiated agreements with external organisations, and to recognise appropriate legal terms that should regulate commercial contracts.
  • Managing Contracts and Relationships
    Be able to apply methods to improve supplier performance, and recognising the need to apply a structured approach when dealing with performance and relationship issues.

The CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply is a Level 4 higher level qualification.

  • To undertake this diploma qualification, you should have at least two A-levels (or international equivalent) or a Level 3 qualification.
  • Students without any prior qualifications must have at least two years” experience in a business environment.

Further guidance on entry level qualifications can be obtained from CIPS.