Facilities Management Training Courses

(Also known as FM Training)

Definition as per European Committee for Standardisation and Ratified By British Standards.

“Facilities Management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities”.


What is it?

Facility Management affects us all, not just at work.  For example when we go to the shops, cinema, gym etc. all the buildings we go in to have a team to look after them.  They could be direct employees or an outsourced company paid to fill this requirement.

Do we need it?

Whatever the industry/sector, however big or small, private or public, Facilities Management or Project Management plays an important role.  This role may be job specific to a person or department – for example a Housing Association managing a maintenance contractor or it may fall to a person who has the responsibility for this within their existing role – for example an Office Administrator managing a cleaning company.

Poorly delivered FM may not cause immediate problems but may eventually.  One aspect of this subject is the Health and Safety issues.  Gas, Electrics, Heating and Ventilation, Water, Lifts, Roller Shutters to name but a few all have legal compliances which must be adhered to.  A consequence of, for example, poorly maintained electrics could result in an accident which no-body would want and hefty fines from the H&S Executive could result.  It is essential for a compliance overview.

Can you outsource your responsibilities?

Answer = No!

Your responsibilities do not end if you contract out your Facilities Management.  As quoted by Dr. Ray Carter in his book “Practical Contract Management” you can “Outsource the Activity but you cannot outsource the Responsibility”.  For example a shop may outsource electrical repairs to a contractor it is down to you/your team to check if they have the correct qualifications? Are they compliant with & Safety guidelines? Do they sub-contract out their own work? If they do how do they assess their contractors? Are they skilled in the areas you require? Do they have the correct insurance? and so forth.  The whole subject can be a minefield of rules and regulations even experienced people may find technically difficult.

Can DPSS be of service to you?

We specialise in supplying Facilities Management Courses for people in various sectors and situations.  We appreciate that this is yet another cost to your business but even a small piece of training may perhaps save much more than money.  Training gives people confidence to make informed decisions and help avoid possible conflicts or accidents.

DPSS offer tailored courses for all sectors of industry and offer worldwide services.  We have recently run a training course in China which was very well received.  The courses are crafted to suit your circumstances and requirements.  Public generic courses may give a general overview of the subject but we want to help you and your company. 

We can cover a wide range of topics in our courses or individual subjects depending on what your organisations wants.

For example you may just want give your employees a general overview of FM if they are new to this subject.  This would include Hard and Soft Services Overview, Compliance overview, Property Strategy, Risk Management and Crisis Management.

A more comprehensive course for practitioners could include the following:-

Hard FM – Mechanical and Electrical, Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Lifts, Security for example.

Soft FM – Cleaning, Mailrooms, Meeting Rooms, Waste Management etc.

Compliance – Statutory, Policy, CSR

Space Planning – CHURN & Change

Project Management

FM Performance (In House and Outsourced) – The Client & Customer Compliance

Resource Planning

Health, Safety and Environmental, Hazardous Materials


Delivering FM – In-House or Outsourced

Buying FM

The above is not an exhaustive list but gives an idea of the subjects involved.

A final word

Our Consultants are highly skilled and have the practical knowledge to offer a top class service.  We can offer a whole course spectrum for you or just a specialised part – it is your decision.  At the end of the day we are in business to train you to your best ability and we also want you to have an enjoyable learning experience through various methods of teaching.