Fast Track Training Curriculum Development

NHS / CIPS Fast Track

To further aid Fast Track Training and Development of staff in the NHS, DPSS is designing a CIPS fast track course for those who work in the NHS. The courses will be delivered taking full account of CIPS syllabus and exam requirements, but the “context” would be very much focus on the NHS and the health sector in general. This means that the examples, cases studies, discussions and content would be linked directly to health sector wherever possible. This course could be made available as an open course or delivered in house.

DPSS is a CIPS Centre of Excellence and the courses will be delivered our team of published authors and past and current CIPS examiners, including Ray Carter, Barry Crocker and Professor David Jessop.

The courses will be run in Birmingham or London, level 4 will be 2 days per subject, level 5 will be 3 days and level 6 will be 4 days.

If you are interested and would like more details, please email