How do you evaluate a supplier? Use Ray Carter’s 10c model of course.

Dr.Ray Carter of DPSS created the 10C business model specifically to help people evaluate suppliers in a methodical and robust manner.

This 10c model is used widely throughout industry worldwide and also as a learning tool within business courses. The whole essence of this 10c model is that it can be used in a flexible manner. The client establishes the 4 critical “C”‘s that are relevant and then score against the rest. The result is that now the client can make an informed decision on the best supplier to use for them.

The model is as follows;

1) Competency

2) Capacity

3) Commitment

4) Control

5) Cash

6) Cost

7) Consistency

8) Culture

9) Clean

10) Communication

How to use the Ray Carter 10c model

Firstly, think about the product or service you wish to purchase.   What do you want?

Is cost your only issue?  or do you want to incorporate more in your final price?

How important is quality and consistency to you?

Does the supplier really have control over its supply chain?

Cash – does your supplier have the resources to fulfil your requirements?  They should be able to provide supporting documents to prove they are fit for purpose.

Is your supplier able to guarantee consistency?  What processes are in place to ensure this.  Make sure that they are able to back up the information provided to you – don’t be complacent.

Culture – basically are you both on the same wavelength?  if you are committed to quality and they are committed to cost will you end up with a sub-standard product/service?  What is important?

Clean – what is their environmental policy? are they as “clean” as possible?  Or is this not the deciding factor for your requirements?

How will they communicate with you?  Are you happy with regular updates or just as necessary.  Do you prefer one point of contact or several, e-mails or direct telephone calls.  Really think what works for you.  Remember that it is  best to keep track of all communication in case of discrepancies arising at a later date.

Are they competent and actually have the capacity to provide your product or service?

The above can be as simple or exhaustive as necessary.

DPSS are launching a new web app which acts a memory aid for the 10c model.  Let us help you make the right decision in an efficient and competent manner.

Click on the link below to see some more free tools we have developed for you – Thank you.


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