IACCM (CCMA) Contract and Commercial Management Associate Course.

The Contract and Commercial Management Associate (CCMA) course is the Industry’s most prestigious award! Which is why we cannot emphasise enough the importance of the qualification.  Employers can be reassured that when an employee is trained to this standard they will produce and maintain top quality work and ensure a high level of consistency.  The results will speak for themselves, not only in efficiency but cost saving as well.

The CCMA course is usually spread over 5 days – either consecutively or at convenient times if it is an in-house course.  The content of this prestigious course has been carefully constructed by IACCM professionals and certainly delivers.  It includes the following phases;- initiate, bid, develop, negotiate and manage.  It is a robust and thorough course ending in a multiple choice exam.

The IACCM also offers a Fundamentals of Contract Management course which is designed for those who have to manage contracts as part of their existing job.  These people come from a wide range of backgrounds such as schools, social enterprises, charities, hospitals and public and private sector industries.  Knowledge is key to making informed decisions and we at DPSS Consultants aim to provide this.

DPSS trains people to be professionals – whatever sector they are in.  UK or Worldwide!



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