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It is interesting to note that research indicates that between 10 – 15% of contract value can be lost by poor contract and commercial management. Given the average value of commercial contracts can range from £20,000 to £10m this represents a waste of anything from £1000 to £1.5m per contract let… Therefore the modest investment that most organisations make in contract and commercial management capability building must be one of the best investments ever made!

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Contract & Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP)

Also available as an in-house bespoke version

5 day Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP) course

London Course Date:  14th – 18th Oct 2019

Course Title: Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (CCMP)

Leading to the award of an Internationally recognised certification in Contract and Commercial Management at Practitioner level.

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Course Aim and Target Audience

This course is designed to empower the participant with the skills and knowledge to understand and apply contracting principles and techniques in an operational or managerial role

Practitioner Level (CCMP) is ideal for experienced (and semi experienced) contract or commercial managers from both the public and private sector who would like to demonstrate significant achievements in the field, by gaining knowledge, methodologies and exposure to best practices. At practitioner level, it is expected that candidates will have some varied experience.

The course is also suitable for technical people, focal points, commercial managers, contract officers, customer account managers, sales managers, business development managers, project managers, team leaders and finance managers who have a responsibility for managing contracts, but may not be contract or commercial specialists

Course Feedback
Course Venue and Fee

Course Venue:
Woburn House
20-24 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9HQ


Dubai Course Venue – Crown Plaza Hotel Dubai

Singapore Course Venue – Crown Plaza Hotel Singapore

Course Fee
Please contact info@dpss.co.uk

Course Fee Singapore and Dubai – please contact ann@dpss.co.uk

Contract and Commercial Management Associate (CCMA)

Also available as an in-house bespoke version

2 day Contract and Commercial Management Associate (CCMA) course

London Course Date: 25th-26th September 2018

Course Title: Contract and Commercial Management Associate

Leading to the award of an Internationally recognised certification in Contract and Commercial Management at Associate level.

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Course Aim and Target Audience

This course is designed for the non-contracts business professional. The program focuses on delivering contemporary best practices information which will enable the participant to effectively understand and manage the contracting process. The course is also a pre curser to the CCMP course and for those who are new to contract management. The course would also be suitable for commercial managers, business development managers, sales managers, sales preps, customer account managers and project managers who need an introduction or overview of the subject.

Course Venue and Fee

London Course Venue:
Woburn House
20-24 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9HQ


Dubai Course Venue: Crown Plaza Hotel – Dubai

Singapore Course Venue: Crown Plaza Hotel – Singapore

Course Fee
Please contact info@dpss.co.uk

Course Fee Dubai and Singapore – please contact ann@dpss.co.uk

Introduction to Contract Management

Also available as an in-house bespoke version

London Course Date: 11th April 2018

Course Title: Introduction to Contract Management
Duration: 1 day
Cpd points: 6

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Course Aims

To enable participants to manage the process of commercial contracting and contract management effectively and efficiently to ensure value for money, improved service, and appropriate relationships, across a wide range of contract types in terms of risk and value. The course will aim to empower participants with the tools and techniques needed collaborate with all key stakeholders.

Course Content Verification
The content of this course has been cross mapped with CIPS/ISM/IACCM competency frameworks and other relevant international standard

Target Audience

This course is designed for those in who have direct or indirect responsibility for the effective management and development of commercial contracts and contractors. This could include end users, contract managers, sales managers, commercial managers, technical experts, proponents, project managers, finance, internal customers, and other key stakeholders who need to collaborate with procurement and contracting to develop robust and effective contract management systems and templates. This could also include those seeking a refresher in this subject.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

• Understand the total process of managing contracts
• Exploit opportunities to extract extra added valued
• Develop appropriate relationships with contractors
• Understand and utilise a range of contracting strategies and options
• Measure and improve contract performance
• Understand the impact of legislation on contract performance

Course Program

• Session Course aims and objectives Learning outcomes agreed

• Session Defining contract management and overview of the contracting process, mapping the ‘territory’ defining contracting as a process to secure the resource and contract management

• Session, Identity and develop the skills, knowledge, and attributes of the contract manager in the context of the organization and their overall responsibilities.

• Session Explore the critical success factors, including defining successful outcomes, effective stakeholder engagement and creating a shared vision of the outcomes

• Session How to develop effective specification and scopes of work development and how to develop a robust contracting strategy and appropriate types of contract

• Session Customer and stakeholder analysis, managing expectations and the ‘shared vision’ concept to ensure customer co-operation, satisfaction, and delight

• Session Creating and developing commercial relationships, types of relationships, how to manage difficult relationships, contractor motivational issues, how to use incentives

• Session Introduction to key negotiation skills of persuading and influencing to work with stakeholders to improve outcomes for all

• Session Dealing claims and variations, how to challenge contractor claims and requests for variations by making use of contractual terms and specifications to prevent false claims

• Session How to measure and improve contractor performance, developing KPI systems, contractual terms and conditions and basic legal principles

• Session Contract close, exploring the importance of effective contract close-processes

• Session Course close out and Action planning

Date, Cost and Venue

Date: 11 and 12 April 2018
Cost: £199 plus VAT
Venue: Woburn House, Tavistock Square London

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This fee includes access to the marketing web application

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Advanced Practitioner Delivery Methodology – Blended Learning
The Program

Our program is framed around the concept of “blended” learning, whereby the participant joins the IACCM On line course and undertakes the study remotely and then joins fellow participants at a 5-day trainer led revision event in London. All the required modules will be covered in the classroom sessions. There will be a focus on ensuring participants have an understanding the key concepts, models, perspectives, and methods of managing commercial contracts and preparation for the end of course multi choice examination.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those who (or aspire) to work with autonomy on a variety of contracts and commercial initiatives with experience in advanced operational techniques. Participants will certified IACCM Practitioner level.

On Line Course Requirements

• Study the 30 learning modules
• Undertake and pass module tests with minimum score of 80%
• Submit at least 5 posts on the message board

Study Methodology

Each module requires 30 – 60 minutes of pre-course study to prepare for the supporting classroom session. Each module contains descriptive material, relevant links and case studies. When you have completed each module, you are encouraged to review the supplemental material link that identifies recommended reading.

The Classroom Event

The next Advanced Practitioner 5-day event is scheduled for April 2018. We recommend that you commence the pre-course on line study at least 3 months prior to attending the course

Course Venue

Woburn House, Tavistock Square, London

Course Fee

£2020 plus VAT
Plus Access to IACCM on line study program and assessment £650 plus VAT

Course Modules of Study

• Commercial Excellence

• CCM Leadership and Becoming a Trusted Advisor
• Communication Visualisation and Design
• Negotiating, Including Virtual Negotiations
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
• The Impact of Culture on Trading Relationships
• Interactive Case Study: Negotiation

Business Acumen
• Avoiding the Top Ten Pitfalls
• Managing and Mitigating the Cost and Risk
• Advanced Financial Considerations
• Simplification of Contracts and Processes,
Including Streamlining Contracting
• Benchmarking
• Government Contracting / Public Procurement
• Third Party Channels
• Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability
• Interactive Case Study: Workgroup Analysis

• Intellectual Property
• Competition and Antitrust
• Relational and Outcome based Contracting
• Governance and Standards
• Outsourcing Strategies and Tools
• International Trading
• Advanced Contract Drafting and Design
• Industries and Contract Types
• Agile Contracting and Managing Change
• Creating a Contract Management Plan
• Interactive Case Study: Complex Relationships


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