In House Bespoke Courses

The following courses are available as in house bespoke courses, framed around the client organisation’s needs, challenges and specific requirements. Please note that the CCMA and CCMP courses are also available as an in house bespoke course.

Bespoke In-house Training

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Course Title: Effective Contract Preparation

To provide the underpinning knowledge regarding the formation of contracts as well as the key ingredients of any commercial arrangement including scopes of work, drafting contract clauses, specifications and contractual terms and obligations.

Course Title: Introduction to Contract Management

To enable those who are responsible (or soon to become responsible) for the effective day to day management of contracts, but who are not contract specialist. Participants gain an introductory overview of contract management cycle and key processes, from business case to close out

Course Title: Update Course for Contract Managers

The overall purpose of this course is to ensure that contract managers are fully up-to-date with any changes in legislation and to enable a wide range of no contractual specialist staff to be updated in terms of current trends, best practices, developments and changes in the management of contracts.

Course Title: Introduction to Agile Contract and Commercial Management

In today’s fast changing world, driven by technology and ever increasing demands from customers, organisations need to develop a more Agile and Collaborative approach to managing contracts.

This course is designed to enable contract and commercial managers to understand and communicate the basic concept of agile and collaborative management of contract processes and approach