In House CIPS Training

DPSS offer complete MCIPS training from Levels 4 to 6. Courses can be run on site to reduce work disruption or if this is not appropriate for the client, off site locations can be sourced.

Benefits of In House CIPS

The benefits of in house courses include excellent value for money. The courses can be scheduled to meet your business requirements and you the client set the pace, from as little as 5 months when opting for the fast track option. Also course content designed to reflect your organizational context and you choose the subject options.  The in house course has  a designated project manager who has overall responsibility for course management, liaison with CIPS and  course quality


Each subject will be studied over a defined period of time, usually one calendar month. Each participant will receive a copy of a learning support package, including the Profex Study Guide and supporting text book that will provide vital and focused input for each subject. Each subject will be taught via a series of 2/3/4 day training event, depending upon the level, resourced by DPSS, using some of the most respected presenters, including Prof Dave Jessop, Barry Crocker and Ray Carter – all published authors with international reputations. The purpose of the events will be:

(a) To provide the major input required by the participants to be able to successfully complete the exam

(b) To facilitate and support the learning process and to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed for professional development.

(c) To prepare participants for the rigours of the examination process

Typical Learning Cycle

Issue of Support Pack
Self-study Period
2 day workshop
Reflection Period
CIPS Exams

DPSS Unique Secure Area

We are able to set up pass worded access to a secure area on the dpss website for all registered participants. This allows participants to down load course materials, examination entry forms, useful articles, websites and have sight of timetables/locations. This has proven to be a very effective in house course management tool – reducing the administrative burden placed upon the client co ordinator.

Level 4 Modules

  • Effective Negotiations in Purchasing and Supply
  • Developing Contracts in Purchasing and Supply
  • Measuring Purchasing Performance
  • Managing Purchasing and Supply Relationships
  • Purchasing Contexts

All modules are compulsory

Level 5 Modules

  • Management in the Purchasing Function
  • Risk Management and SC Vulnerability
  • Improving Supply Chain Performance
  • Operations Management (option)
  • Storage and Distribution (option)
  • Marketing for Purchasers (option)
  • Sustainable Procurement (option)
  • Contracting in the Public Sector – UK (option)
  • The Machinery of Government – UK (option)

5 modules are to be completed.

Level 6 Modules

  • Leading and Influencing in Purchasing
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Project Management (option)
  • Legal Aspects in Purchasing and Supply (option)
  • Finance for Purchasers (option)
  • Supply Chain Management (work based module)

5 modules are to be completed.

If you are interested in CIPS training, please contact