Introduction to Blockchain Technology and its Applications in the Field of Supply Chain Management and Logistics


This course is designed to give the participant an overview of the fundamentals and potential benefits of blockchain technology with a focus on applications and use-cases in Supply Chain Management and logistics.

Duration: One day

Delivery Methodology

We adopt a proactive, participative and delegate centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the tools, techniques and templates. The creation of Action Plans by the participants has always been the “experiential” dimension to all of our courses. We appreciate the need to ensure that the learning is embedded into the fabric of the organisation and we use context – based case studies and other tasks to achieve this.

Target Audience

This course is an introductory class for a wide audience of professionals in the supply chain industry, both from the private and the public sector. Supply Chain, Contract and Procurement Managers alike will be given a tool set to navigate the complex the complex topic that is blockchain technology, empowering them to participate in debates and modernization processes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

• Understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its potential benefits, as well as its roots in cryptography and peer-to-peer network architecture
• Appreciate where the industry stands today and what kind of obstacles still lie ahead
• Identify the most promising use-cases of blockchain technology and where it could be integrated in supply chain architectures to improve reliability, security and efficiency.
• Apply their understanding of blockchain technology to participate in the process of innovation and modernisation of the supply chain sector
• Analyse and assess the various solutions that they will encounter while exploring different blockchain platforms and set-ups that are currently available
• Collaborate with blockchain experts and developers, acting as competent intermediaries when it comes to integrating the technology within existing structures

Course Programme

Session 1
Course introduction, aims and objectives, including learning outcomes and pre course assessment instrument

Session 2
Blockchain fundamentals 1: Why do we need blockchains and what kind of problems do they solve? – The building blocks of an immutable distributed ledger: Cryptography and consensus in a peer-to-peer network

Session 3
Blockchain fundamentals 2: Incentive mechanisms (coins and tokens) – Public and private/permissioned blockchains and their respective benefits

Session 4
The evolution of the blockchain industry from Blockchain 1.0 (Cryptocurrency), Blockchain 2.0 (Smart Contracts) to Blockchain 3.0 (Decentralized Apps and advanced use-cases)

Session 5
Use-case spotlight: Supply Chain Management and logistics – Exploring existing pilot projects, platforms and applications

Session 6
Use-case spotlight: Limitations, drawbacks and looming bottlenecks (i.e transaction speeds, the “oracle problem” and scalability) – a vision for the next generation of more reliable, secure and efficient supply chains

Session 7
Course close out and review

Cost, Dates and Venue

Dates upon application
Cost: £579.00 plus VAT
Course ref:
Venue: Woburn House, Tavistock Square London