Introduction to Procurement

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Duration: 1 day

CPD points: 6

Course Aims

To provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to be an effective member of the procurement team and to enable them to secure a wide range of resources for the organisation, in a compliant and cost effective manner. To empower participants to be able to collaborate with all key stakeholders.

Course Content Verification

The content of this course has been cross mapped with CIPS/ISM/IACCM competency frameworks and other relevant international standard.

Target Audience

This course is designed for all those who have a direct or indirect responsibility for the effective procurement of resources. It would also be useful for those new to procurement. The target group could include team members of supply chain, commercial, procurement, contracting, inventory, transport and warehousing teams. This could also include those seeking a refresher in this subject.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Understand the basic concepts of good procurement practices

Apply a range of tools and techniques for developing scopes of work and specifications

Apply various methods to select and evaluate suppliers

Develop robust contract award strategies

Appreciate the commercial importance of effective procurement and opportunities to reduce cost and add value

Develop appropriate procurement strategies depending risk and value

Appreciate the legal aspects of procurement

Course Programme

Session Introductions, aims and objectives and learning outcomes

Session The basics of Procurement, the concept of total cost of ownership v
price, the procurement cycle, role of the customer and the contractor. Impact upon

Session Specification Process – Importance of effective specification
development process, types of specifications, team approach, use of performance
specification, ESI, ECI concepts.

Session Quality Concepts and Practices. Fit for purpose, conformance to
requirements, role of the supplier, quality assurance tools and techniques.

Session Procurement Methods. Call-off contracts, negotiated procurement,
strategic partnerships, outsourcing.

Session Tendering Process, how to undertake formal tendering process, from
need to award and the critical stages in the process.

Session How to undertake a quotation analysis, tools of analysis, use of VFM
models, role of customer, comparisons re cost, quality and delivery.

Session Supplier selection and evaluation, developing critical selection criteria,
Utilizing the DPSS 10 (C) model, importance of effective selection process, weighting
systems, importance of validity and evidence.

Session Capital Equipment Procurement. Life cycle cost issues, payback
calculations, compatibility issues, and maintenance and training issues, after-sales

Session Developing Supplier Relationships, CSR issues, communications, 360 feed-back, open and ethical, initial understanding, clear and fair terms and conditions.

Session Close out and action planning

Date, Cost and Venue

Date:      Dates upon application
Cost:      £199.00 plus VAT
Venue:   Woburn House, Tavistock Square, London

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