Is investment in nuclear energy a sound idea or an unwise decision?

In the media this week it was announced that a major American company has won its bid to build a nuclear power station in Wales with another one to be built in England. The investment for the UK is huge and will create many new jobs and service industries. It will take several years to build but the result will that it will produce enough power to service over 5 million homes. The sheer scale of this project is a massive achievement and will provide companies such as ourselves opportunities to develop their Supply Chain Management skills.

The actual scope for Procurement Training is vast. From the initial build of the power station through to ongoing maintenance and facilities management. After the setup of the plant the procurement of raw materials will be a major ongoing event with many specialised people in this process. Contract Management Training will also be on a huge scale and qualified people will be in great demand. We anticipate a huge growth in people wishing to gain formal qualifications through IACCM Accredited Courses.

However, this project does have some major sceptics.  It has been branded as an expensive mistake which could impact our economy for generations to come. Although our energy consumption is naturally falling due to the growth of energy efficient products we still need a reliable continuous supply of electricity.  We could purchase our electricity from the continent but it may well leave us vulnerable if supplies were restricted.

Nuclear energy is truly a double edged sword, we need a reliable source of cheaper electricity but we inherently distrust the concept.  Green sources of power such as wind farms are having their subsidies cut so their growth may well be stunted as a consequence.  Solar power is becoming more popular but does have its obvious restrictions.

People want cheap energy, but not a nuclear power station on their doorstop, so is their a “one size” fits all solution?

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