Legal Aspects of Contracting and Procurement

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Duration: 1 day

CPD points: 6

This course is endorsed by IACCM and its contents will assist you if you are studying for IACCM certification
Course Aims

To provide participants with an overview of the applicable legal system related to contracting for the procurement of goods and services. To allow them to create contracts that are legally binding, identifying key risks and highlighting when specialist advice is needed.

Course Content Verification
The content of this course has been cross mapped with CIPS/ISM/IACCM competency frameworks and other relevant international standards and benchmarks.

Target Audience

This course is design for anyone in the contracting or procurement field who would benefit from a legal overview or refresher. This could include commercial managers, end users, technical experts, proponents, project managers, finance, internal customers and other key stakeholders who need to collaborate with procurement and contracting to develop a fuller understanding of the legalities of contracting and procurement activities. This could also include those seeking a refresher in this subject.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will add value to the organisation by being able to:

Understand key sources and principles of English legal system and how it was developed

Describe seven key elements needed for contract formation and relate this to their own procurement process

Explain how terms are incorporated in the contract and interpreted by the courts to ensure their organisations interests are protected

Differentiate between express and implied terms and conditions and warranties

Understand the different types of business that they might contract with and what difference this makes to their contracts

Identify key legislation which shapes contracting behaviour

Illustrate the ways in which contracts can be ended

Outline ways to optimise added value through the duration of the contract

Discuss and evaluate the key contractual terms for their organisation

Understand what to do if there is a change in a supplier’s status

Evaluate applicable remedies in event of dispute

Recognise the impact of Tort law and where it applies

Course Programme

Session Domestics, course aims and personal objectives

Session Overview of the English legal system, criminal and civil law, statute and common law

Session How contracts are formed, including offer, acceptance, and consideration etc

Session Identify types of business organisations and their legal obligations

Session How contracts are discharge and management, performance, breach, frustration, variations

Session Creation of express terms, key contractual clauses and their implications

Session What are the remedies in the event of breach of contract, liquidated and unliquidated damages, injunctions, insolvency

Session Understand Implied terms, statute law, common law, custom and practice, consumer protection

Session UK Competition law, principles, and compliance

Session What are Intellectual Property Rights and how to protect them

Session Commercial and ethical considerations

Session Close out and action plans

Cost, Dates and Venue

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Cost:      £640.00 plus VAT
Course ref:           0405LEG
Venue:   Woburn House, Tavistock Square London

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