Managing Client and Supplier Relationships (SRM)

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Duration: 1 day

CPD points: 6

This course is endorsed by IACCM and its contents will assist you if you are studying for IACCM certification
Course Aims

To provide participants with the skills, knowledge and competencies required to effectively create, develop, manage a variety of commercial relationships and to empower participants to be able to collaborate with all key stakeholders.

Course Content Verification
The content of this course has been cross mapped with IACCM competency framework and other.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those in who have direct or indirect responsibility for the effective management and development of commercial relationships, across a wide range of suppliers and clients within a category group. This could include sales managers, customer account managers, end users, project managers, technical experts, proponents, finance, internal customers, and other key stakeholders who need to collaborate to develop robust SRM systems and strategies. This could also include those seeking a refresher in this subject.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will be able to

Understand the basic concepts of managing commercial relationships

Utilize a range of SRM tools and techniques to establish the most appropriate type of relationship

Appreciate the commercial importance of effective relationship management and its added value to the business

Appreciate the link between contractual terms and relationships

Develop appropriate relationship strategies and plans to ensure continuing development

Course Programme

Session Domestics, course aims and personal objectives

Session Understanding the relationship between the sourcing strategy and commercial Relationships. We will explore how the type of relationship formed can affect the sourcing strategy, for example a strategic relationship would be required for strategic or bottleneck products or services.

Session How to undertake the supplier segmentation process, framed around risk and value to thus determine the appropriate SRM strategy. Here will explain how to conduct risk and value analysis to thus categorise the product/service and this will determine the nature of the relationship.

Session How to create agreements to support the commercial relationship strategy. Here we will review the importance of clear terms and conditions with both the client and the contractor to prevent disputes that will adversely affect the relationship

Session Recognising the determinates of effective commercial relationships and how to improve relationships. Here we will demonstrate how to use the DPSS SRM Audit © web application to identify the type of relationship between the client or the contractor and give guidance on actions to improve the relationship.

Session How to analyse commercial relationships challenges and issues and how to ensure continued effectiveness

Session How effectively manage relationships with key stakeholders. Here we will explain how to classify key stakeholders in terms of interest and influence and how to address the issues that will affect our relationship with them.

Session How to develop and make use of SLA and KPI to manage contractor’s performance and client’s expectations. Here we will explain what needs to be included in the SLA and the ways in which it can be used to monitor performance of the supplier in a positive and constructive manner and also how it can manage client expectations

Session Understanding suppliers and client’s motivations. Here we will look at the needs and wants of both client and contractor and review methods by which we can satisfy those needs, in terms of our relationship with them.

Session Course close out and action plans

Cost, Dates and Venue

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Course ref:           1205SRM
Venue:   Woburn House, Tavistock Square London

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