Master class in Carter’s 10 C Model

Venue: London School of Economics
Date: August 2017

Presented by Dr Ray Carter – creator of the famous 10 c supplier evaluation and selection model.

His 10c’s is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) as an establish business model, widely used throughout the world to manage and reduce the risk of sub optimal provider selection which is critical to ensuring quality, service, innovation and overall competitive advantage.

Research indicates that many contract and commercial disputes and none performances have their origins in the provider selection and evaluation process.

Dr Ray will discuss how his model works, the underlying rational and the concepts of verification, validation, and weighting factors. Participants will also have free ongoing access to the latest 10 c web application developed by DPSS Consultants, which can be used to enable their organisation to make an informed and sustainable decisions on the best provider to engage with.

Target Audience
This Masterclass is designed for those who have overall responsibly for the effective selection and development of key providers (supplier’s contractors and strategic partners) and/or the need to understand the process of managing the risk of poor provider selection and engagement and the associated potential operational, commercial, and reputational risks and consequences.

Further Details
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