Mini MBA in Contract & Commercial Management

Duration: 5 days

CPD points: 35


Mini MBA’s are now becoming a very popular element in many Executive Education programs. There are now mini MBA’s in marketing, finance, operations and many others.

Sabine Vinck, Associate Dean at London Business School (LBS) recently stated that Mini MBA programmes are designed to help managers grapple with the very latest challenges facing business.

David Weinstein, Associate Dean at the famous Stanford Business School (USA) states that mini MBA’s “Are a great alternative to full time degree programs” Our mini MBA allows “time poor” contract and commercial managers to walk away with skills and knowledge that could otherwise take years to develop.

Target Audience
Our new Mini MBA is ideal for experienced (and semi experienced) contract or commercial managers from both the public and private sectors who would like to demonstrate significant achievements in the field by gaining knowledge and methodologies. At practitioner level, it is expected that candidates will have some varied experiences. The programme will make reference to the latest contract management professional standards. The course is also suitable technical people, focal points, commercial managers, sales managers, customer account managers, business development managers, project managers, team leaders and finance managers who have a responsibility for managing contracts but are not contract or commercial specialists.

The Mini MBA is also available as an in house bespoke program and can be tailored to suit the needs of the public, private and third sectors.

The Mini MBA is made up of a series of IACCM endorsed modules, including SRM, Legal and Intermediate Negotiations.

If you would like to book a place or require more information then please contact – thank you.

Study Requirements:
Pre-course reading: 5 hrs
Classroom Contact: 35hrs
Post course assessment: 10 hrs

96% of our participants surveyed rate our courses Excellent/Very Good
98% of our participants surveyed would recommend our courses to others
95% of our participants surveyed agreed that our courses help to improve their career opportunities


The aim of our new Mini MBA in Contracting and Commercial Management is to enable and empower managers to tackle the challenges they face when managing contracts and commercial relationships. The course will endeavour to:

• Ensure clear scope and goals are created
• Ensure the commercial team is involved early
• Ensure engagement of key stakeholders
• Avoid protracted negotiations
• Avoid negotiations that focus on risk allocation
• Ensure relationship flexibility and governance
• Ensure that contracts are not difficult to use or understand
• Ensure effective handover and implementation
• Encourage the use of contract and commercial management technology.
• Avoid weak post-award process governance
• Avoid claims, variations, and disputes

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

Develop robust contracting plans, including scopes of work and award strategies

Conduct effective contracting and commercial management activities, including ITT, RFP, negotiated outcomes

Understand the legalities of contract and commercial management

Negotiate effectively with key stakeholders and clients, making use of the key skills of persuading and influencing to optimise outcomes

Undertake effective Supplier Relationship Management

Appreciate the implications of national and organisational culture on contracting and commercial activities

Set up and maintain contract and commercial management governance systems

Take a proactive, collaborative, and agile approach to managing commercial contracts

Make effective use of lessons learned to promote improvements from less than optimal outcomes, using appropriate templates.

Develop and monitor appropriate and robust Key Performance Indicators and SLA’s to manage the contractor and facilitate improved contractor performance

Collaborate with clients to deliver sustainable performance and to manage and exceed client expectations

Utilize effective contractor selection and award methods and models (including Carter’s10 c model) and to use these models to prepare robust propositions to clients.

Make effective use of lessons learned to promote improvements from less than optimal outcomes, using appropriate templates

Effectively manage the process of change, claims, variations, and dispute resolution

Understand the internal governance process and how to develop and present robust propositions

Make appropriate use of best practice contract and commercial management tools, techniques, and templates

Entry Requirements

To benefit from the programme it would be desirable to have some relevant commercial experience or relevant professional or technical qualification.


Our mini MBA is accredited by The CPD Standards Office under licence number 21745 and the course is awarded 35 CPD points.

Assessment Strategy

We will make use of especially created problem-based cases studies and specific tasks design to test the knowledge and understanding of the participant (but also as important) their ability to apply the learning to suggest practical and appropriate commercial solutions to the problems and tasks posed. Each of these would have to be successfully completed before the award can be made.

Course Delivery Methodology

We will adopt a proactive, participative, and participant centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired.

As with all of our courses we will utilize am eclectic range of teaching and learning strategies including presentations, discussions, Q&A, DVD, tasks, team work, role plays and simulations. We appreciate the need to ensure that the learning is embedded into the contractual and commercial fabric of the participant’s organisation and we will use case studies and other tasks to achieve this.

Course Duration

Days: 5
Course times: 09.30 – 4.30

Course Materials:
We will provide all course materials and assessments required, including support text books and study guides

Costs, Dates and Venue

The cost of the Mini MBA will be £2450 plus Vat – this includes venue, materials, certification, lunch and refreshments etc

Course Dates: 30, 31 March, 1,2,3 April 2020
(Early bird discounts available)

Venue: Woburn House
20-24 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9HQ