“Mini” MBA in Effective Negotiations

Target Audience

The course is designed for managers, supervisors and team members who are have some experience of negotiation who would benefit from extending their knowledge of the subject. More experienced negotiators who want to refresh and hone their skills. These will include contract and commercial managers, marketing managers, customer account managers, project managers, sales managers, procurement staff, finance and operations people.


Study Requirements:

Pre-course reading: 3 hrs Classroom Contact: 21 hrs Post course assessment: 3 hrs 96% of our participants surveyed rate our courses Excellent/Very Good 98% of our participants surveyed would recommend our courses to others 95% of our participants surveyed agreed that our courses help to improve their career opportunities



The course is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and competencies required to plan for and carry out effective negotiations in a range of different environments. The need of effective commercial negotiation skills is a basic business requirement, but other courses do not fully address this in a purely commercial or contractual context. Our exit from the EU and the need to negotiate complex trade agreements is one example of the need for effective commercial negotiators. The course provides the opportunity to assess and build on existing skills, focusing on achieving win/win outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

Recognise the importance of an organisation adopting a strategic approach to negotiation

Differentiate between “excellent” and “standard” negotiators”, reinforcing the behaviours that lead to successful outcomes

Analyse their own negotiating style to identify areas for development

Develop an effective negotiation strategy

Identify the most common barriers to a successful negotiation outcome and develop strategies to overcome these

Apply a range of persuading and influencing tools and techniques to support the business in obtaining value for money, quality and fit for purpose outcomes

Undertaking effective preparation for negotiations

Appreciate the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication skills in maximising the opportunities for reaching win / win agreements

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of negotiating approach

Feel confident and prepared when participating in or supporting a negotiation


Entry Requirements

To benefit from the programme, it would be desirable to have some relevant commercial experience or relevant professional or technical qualification.



Our mini MBA is accredited by The British CPD Standards Office under licence number 21745 and the course is awarded 21 CPD points.


Assessment Strategy

Participants are required to submit for assessment a series of 6 especially designed case studies and assignments. These will be reviewed and discussed during class time and participant are required to then write up and submit their assessments within 10 working days from the close out of course. These are then assessed by DPSS and then submitted to the British CPD Standards Office for moderation. Participants that successfully complete all assignments and pass the two-hour open book case study exam will be recommended to the British CPD Standards Office for the award of the Mini MBA in Effective Negotiations.


Course Delivery Methodology

We will adopt a proactive, participative, and participant centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired.

As with all of our courses we will utilize am eclectic range of teaching and learning strategies including presentations, discussions, Q&A, DVD, tasks, team work, role plays and simulations.The course makes extensive use of video to allow participants to analyse their own performance and to be guided and coached by the consultants to improve make use of established models and techniques.


Course Duration

Days: 3
Course times: 09.30 – 4.30

Costs, Dates and Venue

Venue: Woburn House
20-24 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9HQ


Dates: Spring 2019
Fees: £1470 plus Vat
Please contact info@dpss.co.uk to reserve a place or to discuss