5 Ways To Improve Your Supply Chain Management

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Whether you’re part of a large organization or the owner of a market stall, good management of your supply chain is essential. Improving your supply chain process is the best way to simplify your business and increase the potential for profit. When moving a product or service from the supplier to the consumer a supply chain of organisations, people, information, manufacturers and resources is needed. However, realising the full potential of all these players can be very difficult. It is for this very reason that here at DPSS we thought we would breakdown 5 vital things to remember when governing your supply chain.

Optimise Customer Service - Open and productive communications, throughout all the stages of development and delivery of the product or service, are essential for maintaining good and beneficial relationships between the customer and the business itself. Without actively listening to the consumer, you will find improvement difficult.

The Process Of Efficiency - Running a cost effective and smoothly operating supply chain takes up a lot of time and energy. Procurement and distribution can play a huge role when it comes to the supply chain and it is important to keep up to date, carry out regular audits and to do the correct market research. Without the adequate logistics in place you will never reach your full potential.

Education And Accolades - Education and training in safety and work skills will help to minimise any accidents and misfortunes. Specific training may be required in many parts of your supply chain. For example; to ensure safe and efficient ways of transporting materials and goods to a manufacturer or a consumer, or to ensure the safety of those who are involved in producing the product/service. Investment in employee education plays a key role in running a smooth and cost effective supply chain.

Dispose And Recycle - Throughout the production and distribution of your materials and goods, you are sure to have left a large amount of waste behind. But why? It is becoming increasingly easy to use and buy recycled and reused materials throughout the world. And although at first glance it may not seem the most cost effective and efficient way to do things, with a bit of time and effort you can plan and implement a cost effective, and dynamic course of action to ensure you are as kind to the environment as possible.

Supplier Liaison – An evaluation of the product or service on supply and any accompanying services is vital in ensuring efficient relationships with the organisations and companies involved in your supply chain. Regular reviews and check-ups must be undertaken to provide the managers and executives with sufficient and clear information about their specific fields. Without the relevant information you will find it nigh on impossible to fully realise the full potential of everyone involved in your supply chain.

In summery, when working with different organisations, companies and people you are more than likely to encounter some difficulties at some point and how you resolve these problems can be a make-or-break decision. It is important to keep the relations between suppliers, distributers, manufacturers, wholesalers, customers and any other clients positive and friendly. This will ensure you are getting the best out of your supply chain.

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