NHS Contract Management Training Courses

DPSS consultants have a wealth of experience gained over 25 years in designing, developing and delivering effective NHS Contract Management Training Courses.

Our tailored, in house NHS Contract Management Training Courses and events are developed to include innovative training solutions, built to suit the needs of the NHS supply chain management process. Training courses are regularly updated to ensure they cover the latest advances and updates in NHS supply chain management.

Bespoke, in house training courses are highly beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Not only does bespoke training have the advantage of being fundamentally linked into the participant’s organisational context, priorities, topics and challenges, they also offer superb value.

Before the course starts, your trainer will begin the course development processes by identifying the key subjects and challenges faced in the NHS supply chain management process. These are then covered within the course materials, case studies and exercises performed whilst participating in the training. We develop case studies which your participants can fully relate to and engage in as they would during their day to day work within the NHS.

Due to excluding expenses typically associated with external training events, bespoke, in house training courses provide excellent value in, especially if there are sufficient numbers.

For example, the costs of attending a single-day open course at a neutral venue could include the expenses of travel, time, hotel and meals. These can amount to well in excess of £700 per participant per day. Based on these expenditures, a training course for a team of 10 staff members could cost in excess of £7000.

You will find that our NHS supply chain management training courses offer greater value, whilst also ensuring that the training covers all aspects encountered by supply chain staff members within the NHS. If you would more details about our courses, please email info@dpss.co.uk