Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management Courses

DPSS consultants have a wealth of experience in providing effective oil and gas supply chain management courses. We have been designing, developing and delivering training courses for 25 years with superb results.

Our bespoke oil and gas supply chain management courses and training events are supplied for a range of oil and gas sector companies. We use our experience to develop a range of highly targeted training solutions, built to fit the needs of the gas and oil sector. Courses are regularly updated to ensure they cover the latest developments within the sector, covering all key elements of supply chain management within oil and gas procurement.

Our Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management Courses are tailored to the needs of your business and delivered in house. These bespoke training courses have the advantage of being highly relevant to the participant’s organisational context, priorities, topics and challenges.

Prior to the start of the course, your training consultant will start the development process of the course by determining the primary subjects and challenges faced within your sector. These elements are then covered within the course materials, case studies and exercises performed during the training. We develop case studies which the participants will be able to relate to, engaging them in scenarios they would find in their day to day activities within the workplace. Bespoke, in-house courses provide excellent value compared to open courses, especially if there are sufficient numbers. As an example, the costs of attending a one-day open course at a neutral venue could include expenses such as:

• Travel
• Time
• Hotel
• Meals

In total, these costs can easily exceed £700 per participant per day. Based on this figure, training a team of 10 staff members for one day could cost approximately £7000.

Our oil and gas supply chain management courses offer much better value, whilst we’re also able to ensure the training covers all key elements of the subjects important to the gas and oil sector. In house, tailored supply management courses can be delivered both in the UK and overseas thanks to our global reach and international training partners.

If you would more details about our courses, please email info@dpss.co.uk