On line “Mini” MBA in Procurement



“Mini” MBA’s are now becoming a very popular element in many Executive Education programs. Sabine Vinck, Associate Dean at London Business School (LBS) recently stated that Mini MBA programmes are designed to help managers grapple with the very latest challenges facing business.

David Weinstein, Associate Dean at the famous Stanford Business School (USA) states that mini MBA’s “Are a great alternative to full time degree programs” Our mini MBA allows “time poor” contract and commercial managers to walk away with skills and knowledge that could otherwise take years to develop.

The Mini MBA will improve your status within the organisation and enhance your career progression and salary potential

The content of this on-line course is meant to represent that part of a traditional MBA called an elective subject, which would be part of the MBA program, obviously this course is not a full MBA program.

Course Aims

The course is designed enable and empower procurement specialists with the tools, techniques and knowledge to be really confident when dealing with challenging stakeholders and constrained market situations. It will enable procurement specialists to demonstrate add value to the organisation


This course is accredited by the British CPD Standard Office


£499 plus VAT

The course fee includes access to high quality on line learning materials, video presentations, assessments, downloads and 24/7 email helpline

All participants are also eligible for access to our range of unique contract and commercial management supporting web applications

On line Assessment

Participants are required to undertake short on line multi-choice tests at the end of each module if they want to be certified or they can opt for certificate of completion.

The qualification is worth 35 CPD points

Target Audience

All those who have direct or indirect responsibility for the efficient and effective management of the procurement process, in both the public and private sectors is our target audience

This could include procurement specialist, buyers, senior buyers, procurement managers, commercial managers, those responsible for strategic procurement, finance managers, procurement directors, international buyers, category managers and chief procurement officers

Course Structure

The overall structure of the course is designed to enable procurement specialists to gain access to a high-quality learning experience, via the use of new technology and the internet.

The program is made-up of 7 Modules of Study

Module 1; Introduction and Overview
Introduction to the “mini” MBA program
Procurement defined and its environmental contextualisation
Procurement’s added value and best practices
Developing sourcing strategies and plans
Procurement in the public and private sectors

Module 2: Development
Understanding supply market conditions
Effectively manage internal and external stakeholders
Develop effective scopes of work and specifications
Developing strategies to deal with non-competitive markets
Developing and implement CSR policies

Module 3: Reaching out to the Market
Undertaking effective risk management and mitigation
Understand the rationale to support outsourcing
Creating effective and robust tenders and RFP’s
Effectively managing the tender and RFP process
Evaluation of tenders and RFP’s

Module 4: Value for Money
Analysis of prices, Total cost of ownership and life cycle costs
Appreciate suppliers pricing strategies and cost models
Utilization of value analysis and value engineering techniques
Ensuring fit for purpose and quality outcomes, at lowest total cost
Seeking sustainable cost reductions via the 7-step model

Module 5: Supplier Selection and Formation of the Contract
Pre-qualification processes
Undertaking the effective selection of suppliers utilizing Carters 10c’ model
Appreciating the legal and contractual dimension of procurement and contracting
Contract terms of conditions
Understand and prevent the “The battle of the forms”

Module 6: Effective Commercial Negotiations
Undertaking effective planning and preparation
Developing robust negotiation strategies and tactics
Demonstrating persuasion and influences skills
Managing international and multi-cultural negotiations
Evaluating negotiation outcomes

Module 7: Post Award Contract Management
Procurement – End User handover
Understanding the process of post award contract management
Developing robust kpi and SLA’s
Developing effective SRM strategies
Managing claims and variations


On line Course Presenter

The course will be presented by Dr Ray Carter MA, FNALP, MCIPS, MCMI Cert Ed and UK Licensed Paralegal. Author of “Practical Procurement” and “Practical Contact Management” and creator of the 10 (c) model

Access Free Sample

To access a free sample of the program, please contact Ann at info@dpss.co.uk