Public Short Courses in London



DPSS has a 25-year record of accomplishment in delivering high quality and effective procurement, contracting and supply chain management training courses in the UK and overseas for blue chips clients and the public sector.

Our Courses are of Direct Benefit to those Who
  • have a specific skill or knowledge gap
  • have missed previous training opportunities.
  • work in a small team that doesn’t justify an in house programme
  • want to enhance their career progression
  • need to collect CPD points – all programmes count for 6 hours per day of CPD for CIPS purposes or 6 points for IACCM members.
  • undertaking study for professional examinations
Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Short Courses

These include procurement, FM, contract management, supply chain management, soft skills and public sector courses


These courses are:


  • One or two days duration
  • Focused on specific learning outcomes
  • Resourced by our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, many of whom are published authors with international reputations.
  • Delivery team is led by Dr Ray Carter, author of “Practical Procurement” and “Practical Contract Management” and the creator of the 10 c model
  • Quality assured: DPSS is an accredited IACCM, ISO9001 and CIPS Centre of Excellence
  • Offer a unique money back guarantee
  • Provide free access to especially designed web apps valued at £75
Our Accreditations

As an accredited IACCM, ISO and CIPS training organisation, our quality is assured and therefore you can have complete confidence in the learning experience

Appropriate courses are Endorsed by IACCM

Our courses are organised into the three semesters
April to June, September to November and January to March
If you would like details of future course dates please email

Our Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our courses that we offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Please view our Terms and Conditions Free Access to Web Applications All participants are given free access to a range of especially designed Web Apps to provide support, post course delivery, valued at £75 per application Advantages of our open and public courses One of the many advantages of our open and public courses is the opportunity to network and benchmark with a diverse range of participants from different organisations and different sectors, private, public and third sector. We adopt a proactive, participative, and participant centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the tools, techniques and templates. The creation of Action Plans by the participants has always been the “experiential” dimension to all our courses. We appreciate the need to ensure that the learning is embedded and we use context – based case studies and other tasks to achieve this.

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All of our Public Courses are also available as in house bespoke events

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