Pick and Mix courses – self contained and discrete sessions of learning

Why DPSS have developed a new range of “Pick and Mix” courses.

It is no secret that staff have ever more pressure put on them to achieve targets, multitask and be expected to answer a never ending stream of telephone calls.

However, proper training to achieve good results is also critical.


What is the priority when everyone is running around trying to fit everything in but may not be working as effectively as they could be? Are the same mistakes being made over again?

Our Answer;-

Take a bit of time to take stock of the situation – is money and other resources being wasted or mismanaged? Are your staff working hard but not effectively? Then they need help and support to achieve their best.


Our Pick and Mix Courses are specifically designed for people who do not have the time to sit through a whole day’s training and manage their job at the same time.

This is how Pick and Mix training works;-

The client picks out several training session modules that they want for their staff – this could be one day or however many they would like. Four in one day is really the maximum for good learning outcomes. Times are then set for the sessions.

There a many bespoke subjects to choose from in Contract Management, Procurement, Supply Chain, Soft Skills and more.

The staff can then choose what subject sessions they would like to attend and then arrange their work schedule around them. This alleviates the stress of managing their jobs and studying in their training sessions.


Staff may already have knowledge in certain subjects but may have gaps in their skills or would like an overview. This way staff can see the session times and just “dip in” to the ones that they feel are most relevant to them. Attendance is more assured and good balance of learning and work is achieved.

We feel that this type of training is a good way of encouraging people to learn and develop skills without the pressure of being tied up all day on a course.

Soft skills can also enhance your team’s output as well. One recent course we delivered had a good mix of both hard and soft skills training which is a really positive way to learn.

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