“Pick and Mix” Training for procurement, contracting and supply chain management

Time Pressures

In today’s frantic business environment, with the ever increasing pressure of work, “more for less” culture and endless tasks and targets many organisations struggle to persuade staff to attend training and develop events.

Low Levels of Attendance

This often results in low levels of attendance, disruption as participants are called away or answer important calls! This also results in a high training cost per capita. All this, despite the widely held view that development of capabilities in the field of contract management, procurement and supply chain management are critical to the success of any organisation (public, private or third sector) and that ironically lack of this capability results in disputes, variations, meetings, re working, duplication and therefore more wasted time, cost and effort.

Participants Needs

We realise that some participants feel that they have specific learning requirements to fill the gaps in their knowledge and understanding, for example “How to selection a contractor” or “How to create an effective SOW” etc. Also these sessions could also relate to the challenges of a particular project.

Pick and Mix Options

Therefore have developed for our bespoke courses a “pick & mix” approach, whereby each unit of learning is a self-contained and discrete session, with a fixed start and end time.

The Process

We agree a list of sessions from our list of bespoke courses with the client and participants are able to opt in and out. We can also provide a series of dates, so that the participants have the options of securing what they need over a number of days and sessions.

An Illustrative Example

For example “Mary” wants to attend sessions on “How to Measure Contract Performance” and “How to understand contract terms and conditions” and also “How to manage relationships with contractors”

Therefore she signs up for Monday 9.00 – 11.00 How to Measure Contract Performance and 14 – 16.00 for How to understand contract terms and conditions. On Friday she attends 11 – 13 How to manage relationships with contractors.

Some participants of course can opt to attend the all the sessions. The advantage is that “Mary” can plan her work around these sessions to minimise disruption and thus encourage attendance and thus facilitate the effective and efficient acquisition of appropriate skills, knowledge and capabilities.

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