Practical Supply Chain Improvement

PSCI Workshop

Practical Supply Chain ImprovementCritical Theory

DPSS is able to provide a unique Supply Chain, Contracting and Procurement focused consultancy process.

DPSS works with you to enable the key stakeholders and the agents of change within the group to establish the project objectives, conduct the analysis and produce effective workable Improvement Action Plans.

The key elements in the DPSS Consultants process are framed around the concept of Critical Theory, and are grounded in Action Research.

From this we have developed our unique Practical Supply Chain Improvement (PSCI) Process.

The process is underpinned by:

  • PSCI is context bound and addresses only real business problems
  • DPSS Consultants and the stakeholders work together, each respecting the value and contribution of the other
  • DPSS Consultants regards diversity of experience as a key asset

PSCI Diagram

Our process is designed so that the Key Stakeholders can be enabled to bring about sustainable improvements across the supply chain and related disciplines.

The key KPI is the workability of the Action Plans proposed.