Project Management for Contracting and Procurement Organisations

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Duration: 1 day

CPD points: 6

This course is endorsed by IACCM and its contents will assist you if you are studying for IACCM certification
Course Aims

To enable those who are responsible for the day to day management of contracting and procurement activities integrated within a project environment to understand the differences of operating in a project structure whilst still performing their duties in an effective, efficient and compliant manner.

Course Verification
The content of this course has been cross mapped with established competency frameworks and other international standards, and underpins learning from the main contracting and procurement  project management functions such as Prince2, MSP and IACCM.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at employees and managers working within a procurement function who operate within a project environment where the delivery of Quality, Time Cost and Risk are of a paramount importance to the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will able to add value to the organisation by being able to:

Understand the importance of delivery of project requirements on time, on budget and to the correct level of quality, and integrate with the project management, project process and board ethos;

Illustrate the commercial benefits of adopting a project philosophy of “right first time, every time”;

Recognise the importance of robust project plans, including clear scope of work documents, measurable KPI criteria, demonstrable award strategies and robust project execution plans;

Negotiate effectively with key stakeholders, making use of the key skills of persuading and influencing to work with stakeholders to improve outcomes, including the effective management of quality, time and budgets;

Set up and maintain project management files and logs and therefore effective implement procurement concepts such as split awards, risk and reward mechanisms and other commercial constructs more effectively;

Develop a learning culture within the project procurement phase that can be carried forward through the project delivery and where necessary into the contract operation thereafter.

Course Programme

Session Domestics, course aims and personal objectives

Session What is Project Management? – A definition of project management, identification of the differences between running a project and managing a function, and understanding the conflicts between the project and the procurement function.

Session Project management and developing the business case, structure, process and set-up, reporting methodology, milestones, and authority and the coordination with the procurement function.

Session How to developing an effective contracting and procurement project and stakeholder team including getting the right people and skill sets, management of roles and motivation and communication.

Session Understand the critical importance of time and quality in contracting and procurement project management and the importance of managing both the quality of inputs from suppliers and the on-time delivery from the project activity.

Session How to manage budgets and risk within the contracting and  procurement project and the need for robust cost management and a structured approach to risk, alongside the wider organisations requirements.

Session Closing out a contracting or procurement project and the handover into the main organisation if required with consideration of traceability, reporting, and project records, Lessons learned logs, etc.

Session Close out and course feedback, Action Plans & personal goals.

Cost, Dates and Venue

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Course ref:      2205PMP
Venue:   Woburn House, Tavistock Square London

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