Sales training for Supply Chain

DPSS works within all areas of the Supply Chain. This not only means procurement but also sales within the Supply Chain as well. The core part of our sales training is helping our clients really understand what a buyer wants from a potential supplier. The DPSS philosophy is that there is a real need to integrate both these sides within an organisation to enable the people involved to be totally effective. What skills you need for procurement can be equally used to base sales upon.

Because of our vast experience in the Supply Chain we cannot stress enough that having a robust sales process is essential. We know what procurement people are looking for when sourcing the market and this is where issues can arise. Do you have a CSR policy? Can you prove commitment to quality? Can you prove your financial security? What is the culture of your Company? and this is just a few of the hurdles you may come across.

If you think of the way your organisation handles their procurement then it makes sense for the sales team to work along side and really have a robust sales process developed. Your organisation may have a really great product but if you cannot show you have all the necessary credentials as well you may well lose out.

Local authorities, government and many organisations have to comply with EU directives which affect those buying and selling to them. Compliance affects sales and purchasing whether you are a small family run company, large organisation or charity – rules are rules.

DPSS also provides consultants to train on the promotion side of sales as well. You have a great product, you have your sales process in place but how will you advertise?

Digital marketing is a vast area to explore and learn about but DPSS have very experienced consultants to help you on your journey. Do you chose SEO, PPC, YouTube, Display Ads? what is good for one product may be totally unsuitable for something else. Which road? How much? Who to?

DPSS have developed a range of courses to help with the above.

Buy, Sell, Manage? DPSS provides quality bespoke or in-house courses so you can be assured you are in expert hands.


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