In house and bespoke IACCM Contract and Commercial Management Associate (CCMA) Practitioner and Expert Level Qualifications for those in the NHS and Health sectors

IACCM and DPSS have formed a strategic alliance to best serve the needs of the contracting and commercial management community across the NHS. Many people in the NHS are responsible for the management of contracts, involving many millions of pounds, and yet there are not procurement or contracting specialists. Whilst MCIPS is very suitable for procurement professionals, it does covers areas that are beyond the remit of many of those who manage contracts in the NHS. As an accredited provider of the CCMA qualification, IACCM has granted unique equivalence to the DPSS contracting and commercial training programme.

Therefore, we are able offer NHS and Health “bespoke” in house versions of the CCMA.
This has the added value of being delivered in the NNS context
Course materials and assessments will reflect the needs, challenges and context of the NHS and related organisations

The Accreditation Process to gain IACCM CCMA

To gain the accredited CCMA award, participants will be required to submit to DPSS for assessment and moderation by IACCM 10 classroom based case studies and/or tasks – both group and individual
These assignments have the added value of being related to the day to day work undertaken by members of the contracting and commercial team.

The completed assignments (which are undertaken during class time) are assessed by DPSS and a portfolio of work is then sent to the IACCM for moderation. Providing the work is of the right standard and all 10 assignments are completed the participant will be awarded the CCMA

Costs and Fees

Our consultants are charged on a day rate basis plus VAT and agreed expenses at cost
In addition there is the assessment, IACCM membership and moderation fee of £465 per participant plus VAT

CCMA Delivery – Classroom

We have two options for the delivery of the CCMA:

Option 1
5 day block course to cover the 5 units of study


Option 2
2 days and 2 days and 1 day courses, delivered over a period of weeks or months

Focus Group

Both of these options would be preceded by one day “focus group” workshop, facilitated by our consultant. This is to be attended by the prospective participants, key stakeholders, line managers, HR and all interested parties. The event is design to enable our consultant to gain an insight into the clients operations, context, procedures and challenges and to reflect these back in the course content. This will ensure total relevance and thereby facilitate full participant engagement.

Delivery Methodology

Our highly experienced consultants, many are published authors with international reputations In will make use of a wide range of teaching, learning strategies and methods which could include:

• Context based case studies
• Presentations/power points
• Comprehensive learning materials/articles
• Group discussions
• Tasks
• Learning style and inventories
• Videos/utube
• Role-plays
• Business simulations
• Q&A
• Individual and group activities

If you would like more details, please email

Practical Contract Management

DPSS are making a new chapter of Practical Contract Management available for download on a fortnightly basis.

Practical Contract Management


Chapter 4 - Tendering Methodologies