IACCM Practitioner and Expert Level - Blended Learning

IACCM defines the “Practitioner” as someone who works with autonomy on a variety of contracts and commercial initiatives with experience in advanced operational techniques.

IACCM defines the “Expert” as someone who leads on complex and strategic cases, often requiring top executive interface and a high degree of personal judgment. Champions their professional function.

IACCM Practitioner Blended Program

The IACCM has recently reviewed the process of gaining Practitioner and Expert status. Participants and required to undertake the IACCM Skills Assessment to evaluate their previous and current experience. The next step is to undertake the Advanced Award course. This is an “online” course only resourced by IACCM. The course contains 3 main parts Personal, Business Acumen and Technical (see full curriculum below) There are 30 units of study. The approximate online study time is 30 hours. Normally participants would be advised to target 1 unit per week, thus the average time is approx. 6 months, but this is flexible and is driven by the learning speed of individual participants.

Our offer is to contract with IACCM to deliver the online course and in additional to provide a series of supporting workshop to assist participants, provide tutoring, review materials and assist with assessments.

Support Days

Based upon our experience we would recommend six support days as our part of the blended learning approach

IACCM Expert Blended Learning Program

Participant are required to successfully complete the IACCM Advanced Course and will then be tested on the practical application of their skills. Following qualification for the program (which is based on successful submission of a case study) candidates will be invited to develop a business case on an issue of policy or organization. Candidates with successful submissions will be invited to present the business case to an expert panel and gain the benefit of personal feedback from the panel.

Based upon our experience we would recommend 6 support days, as part of the blended learning approach for Expert Level

If you would like further details please email info@dpss.co.uk

Practical Contract Management

DPSS are making a new chapter of Practical Contract Management available for download on a fortnightly basis.

Practical Contract Management


Chapter 4 - Tendering Methodologies