Soft Skills Training Courses

Bespoke Soft Skills Training For The Supply Chain Team

DPSS recognises that successful contracting, procurement and supply chain professionals not only need highly developed functional skills but are also fully rounded business professionals. We have developed a range of Soft Skills Training Courses in order to build an effective contracting, procurement and supply chain team. Organisations need to get the right people, empower them to think for themselves, develop their flexibility to cope with change and present a feeling of confidence to key clients and stakeholders.

Key Interpersonal Skills for Contracting, Procurement and Supply Chain People

We have developed and successfully delivered a suite of courses to develop key interpersonal skills for the contracting, procurement and supply chain team. In today’s challenging environment these skills will provide the organisation with a competitive advantage through the discretionary effort of a dynamic, engaged workforce. The ability to communicate core messages in the midst of change and conflict is critical in being seen as a strategic contributor to the business.

We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge of the contracting, procurement and supply chain business to ensure relevance and contextualisation.

The courses focus on the application of skills in a procurement and supply chain management context with the emphasis on the learners developing their own action plans that add value to the organisation.

Course Titles include:

  • Interviewing Skills for Contracting and Procurement Managers
  • Communication Skills for Supply Chain Leaders
  • A Coaching Approach to Contracting and Procurement Leadership
  • Time Management for Contracting and Procurement People
  • Motivating the Contracting and Procurement Team
  • Contracting and Purchasing Team Leadership Skills
  • Managing Change for Purchasing and Contract Managers
  • Effective Presentation Skills for Procurement, Contracting and Supply Chain people
  • Resolving Conflict in the Commercial Environment
  • Facilitation Skills for Effective Contracting and Procurement Meetings

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