DPSS/IACCM Post-Award Contract Management Web Based App


The IACCM Post-Award Contract Management is a web base Application (including templates to support Post-Award operations) and is ideal for any size of organization.

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The contract award process is well documented and supported in the marketplace with guidance tools and models. The post-award process is less well served - and yet IACCM calculates that contract value leakage can amount to over 9% of an organisation’s bottom line.

This interactive App enables a contract to be classified in terms of risk and value and then guides the user through the process for all the key procedures that need to be performed in the post-award phase.

Secondly, it hyperlinks to key document templates that can be used to support these procedures whether it be in the form of action logs or communication records. Thirdly, the Application provides the user with detailed instructions and guidance on how each step in the process should be managed.

The App includes a basic set of documents and processes that can be adapted to suit any requirement large or small or any sector, public or private. It supports simple commodity purchases through to large scale outsourcing projects. The App provides both a good place to start and a reassuring checklist to ensure that all steps for successful contract management have been pursued and recorded for audit.

The benefits of using the App include:

•    Reduced variations, claims and disputes
•    Control of post-award activities
•    Improved audit trail
•    Compliance and consistency
•    Improved service delivery
•    Cost management
•    Improved change control

What is the Post-Award Contract Management Application?

A specially designed, but easy to use, web application that can be accessed via the IACCM website (or bespoke versions to sit on the client’s server). It allows customers to adapt and save templates associated with any given phase in the process, without any IP security risks.

Why Use the App?

•    Raise performance standards;
•    Reduce the chance of contract value leakage and
•    Reduce risks.

The Application is designed to be shared by colleagues across any size of organization: simple, clear guidance and instructions means that it can be adopted quickly by those in the team, especially for those who are not contract management experts.

The IACCM Post-Award Contract Management App is designed to provide support, assistance and guidance to those who are responsible for post-award contract management. The App is designed to provide the contract manager (or the end user) with a highly visual and logical pathway through the phases of managing a contract, from handover to contract close out. The Application has hyperlinks to all the key documents that are required at each stage of the post-award contract life cycle. The document templates can be down loaded, completed and filed. All client information about the contract is stored only on the client website. It also provides practical guidance and instructions at each the stage of the post-award contract life cycle.

In the additional resources section there are helpful guidance notes, web apps, templates and links to useful websites.

License Costs:

£12 plus VAT per month per user per year

Bespoke and Customized Services - Pricing on demand based on the degree of tailoring required

For more information please contact:  info@dpss.co.uk

Web App documents and Templates:

Action Notice Log
Commercial Query Log
Communication Log
Contract End Report
Contract Initiation Document
Contract Sign-off Form
Contract Summary Form
Contract Variation Sign-off
CQ Log
Exceptions Log
Handover Document
Issue Log
Lessons Learned Log
Phase Completion Report
Procurement Log
Project Brief
Project Mandate
Project Plan
Quality Defect Log
Risk Log
Work Package Allocation


Practical Contract Management

DPSS are making a new chapter of Practical Contract Management available for download on a fortnightly basis.

Practical Contract Management


Chapter 4 - Tendering Methodologies