Short courses for Contract Management – what essential skills you need

Its no big secret that thousands of people have to multitask in their everyday jobs. Their main job is just one of many responsibilities. Our real concern is that people who “manage contracts” as opposed to “contract managers” may not be getting the support and help they need.

This is why we have developed our 1 Day Introduction to Contract Management course.

This course is specifically designed to teach essential skills to employees. It is very user friendly and helps employees avoid common mistakes when dealing with contractors and how to get the best from them. Whether contracts are routine or a little more complicated we help guide the way.

Whatever sector you are in does not mean you have to accept a poor service from your contractor. Having a properly written contract is a huge step in the process but in reality that is not always the case. Verbal contracts may be legally binding but can be difficult to manage for obvious reasons.

What we are not doing is making even more work for your employees – we are there to help them be more effective and efficient. We are not trying to frighten people by saying what you do is well meaning but insufficient,  but to “fill in the gaps” of peoples knowledge in a practical way. Little things can make a lot of difference.

Course Content:
Developing the business case and scope of work
Awareness of the legal aspects of contracting
Reaching out to the market
Contract award criteria
Forming and managing relationships
Improving contract performance
Managing claims and variations
Negotiation with contractors
Managing disputes
Managing contract close outs

Contract management is a huge subject but we have condensed the following subjects down to give an overview and what is really important.

The most critical aspect in contract management is knowing what you want, how to communicate this and how to manage it.

All to often, when people are under a lot of pressure and time constraints, mistakes get made.

Scenario 1

Yes, yes start the work and we can sort the contract out later!

A verbal instruction can imply you have awarded the contract and you are obliged to pay the contractor for works carried out – what could go wrong?  what happens if they don’t agree to your contract terms? 

Scenario 2

I know I asked you to do the work but its not how I wanted it done!

Was there a clear scope of works written or was the work specified open to misinterpretation?

Scenario 3

I gave them the contract because we have always used them!

Great, but are they really the best for your needs?

Sound familiar?

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