Strategic and Advance Contract and Commercial Management Open Course

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Duration: 3 days

Duration: 22nd to 24th May 2018

Leading to DPSS certification in strategic and advanced contract and commercial management.

Course Aims & Target Audience

The aim of this course is to enable participants from a various industries and sectors to manage (and lead and direct others) to manage a wide range of strategic and complex contracting, and commercial activities as defined by their value and risk to the organisation. This may include developing robust contract and commercial strategies, negotiating complex client and contractor contracts, formulating SRM and CRM plans, assessing and mitigating contractual and commercial risks and the management of strategic change.

This course is designed for those who have direct or indirect responsibility for the management of advanced, complex, and strategic contracts. This could include senior contract and commercial managers and directors, business development managers, sales managers, supplier and customer relationship managers, end users, technical experts, proponents, project managers, finance, internal customers, and other key stakeholders who need to collaborate with contracting and commercial teams to develop robust, collaborative, and agile contracting strategies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

• Develop robust and complex bespoke contracting strategies, framed around risk and value
• Develop and manage the key steps in the strategic contracting process, including developing the business case, defining requirements, undertaking supply market analysis, developing contract terms and utilizing ITT and RFP options
• Undertake the benchmarking of current contracting and commercial practices against best in class and implement best practices.
• Negotiate (including virtual) and effectively engage with key stakeholders and contractors, suppliers, and vendors to peruse win/win collaborative outcomes
• Fully understand and manage complex contractual and commercial risks and develop mitigation strategies
• Develop and monitor appropriate and robust Key Performance Indicators and SLA’s to manage the contractor and client to facilitate improved performance
• Understand the importance of SRM and CRM models and strategies
• Make appropriate use of best practice contracting and commercial tools, models, techniques, and templates
• Understand the international dimensions to strategic contracting
• Fully understand the legal and compliance issues related the strategic contracts
• Undertake the effective management of change

Course Feedback
Costs, Dates and Venue

Course Venue:
Woburn House
20-24 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9HQ

Date: 22nd,23rd and 24th May 2018
Cost: £1200 + VAT
Discounts apply to previous dpss partcipants

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