UK Construction Industry Given Major Boost By This Year’s General Election Results

We read with interest of the boost the UK Construction industry received and the impact it will have on the UK economy.  New properties are being built at amazing speed to house the ever increasing population.  Social housing is also benefitting from this upsurge as tenants will be able to live in cleaner and more environmentally friendly properties.

Not only are new jobs being created throughout the industry but new developments encompass many other needs as well.  The building of new schools, hospitals, retail units etc. will increase to provide services to meet the needs of this new population.

We expect a sharp growth in the Facility Management Industry to manage the incredibly wide range of services it provides.  It will also mean a greater demand for trained employees to deliver these services.  We at DPSS Consultants will be fully prepared for this upsurge in bespoke training.

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