UK Licenced Paralegals

The UK National Association of Paralegals states:

“The work that Paralegals undertake is quite often virtually indistinguishable from that undertaken by Solicitors. Many organisations are now employing paralegals, as opposed to ‘in house’ solicitors, as a more financially viable alternative if there are tasks requiring a legal content to them. Their duties involve them working closely with Solicitors and Barristers and may take them from office to courtroom, from clients to conferences, from the law library to the negotiating table”

Legal Advice

Dr Ray Carter and his team of UK licenced paralegals (specialising in commercial contracts) are able to provide commercial contract advice and undertake litigation risk assessment relating to all contractual matters and can help prepare cases for submission for negotiations, arbitration or the Courts. Dr Ray Carter and his team can also provide commercial contractual legal services in relation to:

Drafting contract terms

Drafting bespoke contract terms and conditions and special terms. They can create robust exclusion clauses, guarantees, warranties and other related terms

Review of new and existing contracts

Review and advice regarding new and existing contracts and agreements, undertaking contractual risk assessment in relation to supplier’s terms and conditions. Looking for gaps and overlaps and ensuring the specifications and scopes of work are robust and complete

Disputes, claims and variations

Assisting in the settlement of claims and variations. Support with regard to dispute hearing and arbitration, the provision of professional mediators.

Training Courses

We are also able to offer training in the Legal Aspects of Commercial Contracts HERE

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