Unique Web Based Applications

People and Process Analysis, Sustainable Cost Reduction Tools & More

DPSS have developed a unique range of helpful tools and web apps and templates to assist those involved in procurement and contract management.

These include:

Carter’s 10c model

The 10 c model is designed to assist buyers and contract managers to evaluate the risk of procuring goods and/or services from a particular supplier or contractor.
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Procurement People and Process Evaluation

This audit is designed to enable organisations to determine their relative position in terms of their procurement and contracting operation on the DPSS People and Process matrix.

This will enable the organisation to develop a route map to reach their desired position.

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How to evaluate Sustainable Cost saving Opportunities

This survey is designed to enable organisations to plot their potential for sustainable cost reductions along the DPSS sustainable cost reduction opportunities continuum.

It will also provide organisations with an indication of how these savings could be secured.

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Contract Risk and Value Classification Analysis

This tool is designed to enable organisations to determine the risk to value status of a new contract before taking it forward.

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SRM – Supplier Relationship Management Analysis Tool

The SRM Analysis Tool is designed to enable parties to a commercial relationship to evaluate the quality and appropriateness of their relationship and to compare and contrast the perceptions of both sides. The nature of the relationship can be affected by the classification of the contract, strategic, routine, leverage and bottleneck.

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How to develop appropriate Scopes of Work and Specifications

This App is designed to give guidance to procurement and end user teams as to the type of scope of work/specification creation methodology that is best suited to the item/service under consideration. You are required to complete the questionnaire and the App will analyse the responses and will display the results in a matrix format.

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How to evaluate the risk of entering a new market or offering a new product

By completing this 5 minute questionnaire you will ascertain how well you are prepared for your new business venture and identify areas you may need assistance or more research to improve its chances of success.

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Contract Management – Process and Procedures

Contract Management – process and procedure app is designed to provide support, assistance and guidance to those who are responsible for the management of contracts (post award) The app is designed to provide the contract manager (or the end user) with a highly visual and logical pathway through the phases of managing a contract, from handover to contract close out.

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Added Value
The other aps are available at the cost of £75 plus VAT per application by contacting info@dpss.co.uk

Our aps are always included as part of our bespoke and open course program provided free of charge


How to develop effective scopes of work

How to prepare for negotiations

Forming Strategic Partnerships


Contract Management Models
This book contains a number of well-known models designed to assist contract managers manage contract more effectively. To place your order please email info@dpss.co.uk

Asset Finance in the UK Public Sector

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