What are CIPS courses? Your questions answered.

CIPS Training Courses


What is a CIPS course?


The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) provide a range of professional qualifications for the profession to support and meet an industry standard of knowledge. The qualifications range from the Certificate level (equivalent to a level 2 – GCSE grade) to a Professional Diploma (equivalent to level 6 – final year of a University qualification), this leads to the MCIPS (Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply).


What is the benefit?


MCIPS is the internationally recognised standard for procurement professional and marks you out as at the top of your game, significantly enhancing your career and earning prospects.


Do employers recognise this qualification?


Employers require professionally qualified people within their procurement functions, and employees who are studying for or have achieved MCIPS are seen as valued members of the organisation.


How many courses are there and are they very difficult?


The qualifications are a structured process of learning and development. It’s a progressive process from:

  • Level 2 – Certificate in Procurement & Supply
  • Level 3 – Advanced Certificate in Procurement & Supply
  • Level 4 – Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • Level 5 – Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • Level 6 – Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

There are five modules within each level. The courses and their modules are set to match a student’s level of understanding in business and their likely activity within a business or organisation in procurement and supply. This assists in matching difficulty to role and aspirations.


Do I have to complete all levels?


To gain MCIPS you will need to gain a minimum pass grade in all

subjects across the levels. However, it is possible to study to just

improve knowledge of the procurement and supply industry.


From an employer’s perspective – what are the benefits?


The MCIPS qualifications can enable a business to gain high levels of competence and professionalism across its whole procurement team with staff who are formally qualified.


Our available qualifications programmes are delivered by a team of Procurement and Supply specialists to support groups of your employees at whatever stage they are with their development within an organisation to achieve MCIPS.


Can members of my team start training at an apprentice level?


Eligibility for an apprenticeship requires you to have the following:-

  • Apprenticeship Agreement in force
  • The Apprentice must be on a scheme for 12 months minimum
  • The Apprentice must receive 280 Guided Learning Hours minimum
  • The Apprentice must have or be studying for GCSE (LV2) Maths and English
  • The Apprentice must be employed for a minimum 30 hours per week


Most apprentices are in the age bracket 16-24 years old, although there is no upper limit to join a scheme.


The 16-24 year age group attracts government funding and support as below:-


  • 100% of the training costs if the apprentice is aged 16-18
  • 50% of the training costs if the apprentice is aged 19-23
  • Up to 50% of the training costs if the apprentice is aged 24 and over.


Access to an Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply, can only be provided by a Skills Funded Agency (SFA) provider. For more information see: https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship




Where is your training centre?


We provide our CIPS training from our centre in Basingstoke at Worting

House. The accommodation has 2 training rooms and is equipped with

OHP, wi-fi, and we can ample space to take up to 15 students per

session. Car parking on site is available too. We are located 3 miles to

the west of Basingstoke, Hampshire in the village of Worting.




Is it night school only or can training be done in house?


Most of our course programmes operate on an evening study programme starting at 6pm to 9pm. Our courses operate on a Monday-Thursday evening programme.


However, we provide a range of other services for learning including:-

    • Distance Learning using the CIPS e-learning programme
    • Blended Learning, a mixture of study including a meeting with a tutor, course work set and revision prior to an examination
  • Fast Track this is provided over a 2,3,4 day arrangement and can be tailored to a business need (e.g.) Graduate programme or to meet corporate objectives of the procurement function within an organisation. This programme can be delivered in-house or off-site.

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