Training Management Services, Worldwide Training Company

DPSS offer a range of Training Management Services as a Worldwide Training Management Company. The management of the training resource is an essential part of any business. Whether this is carried out by dedicated staff or line managers, this critical activity should be done both effectively and efficiently.

Although training is essentially a value-adding activity it cannot be denied that much of the work involved in the management of training is a cost.

The maintenance of accurate nomination and attendance records, for example, is essential and yet it uses valuable resources that could be better employed in the furtherance of core business.

On the other hand, much of the work involved in training management is specialist in nature, yet the volume of work is often insufficient to justify the employment of full time expert staff.

DPSS has the resources, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the training process to provide a Training Management Service that can be tailor-made to requirements, but is cost-effective.

Our Training Management Service can include any or all of the following specialist areas:

  • Nominations and attendance administration
  • In-house course management
  • Training programme design
  • Course design, development and delivery
  • Gap analysis and training needs identification
  • Individual competency appraisal
  • Job competency analysis